Simplify the Complex.

The Futures Crowd, a WealthTech platform, will connect investors to institutional caliber wealth advisors in the managed futures space (known as Commodity Trading Advisors - CTAs).

With CTA account minimums typically far above the scope for the average investor, The Futures Crowd - built on years of industry experience - will provide infrastructure to a wider demographic by offering minimums of $5k per advisor.

On the platform, investors will have access to educational modules on the futures industry and have the freedom to make & track self-directed investments from a diversified selection of CTAs. With a centralized & intuitive interface - we are democratizing an exclusive asset class - and simplifying the complex.

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Managed Futures as an Asset Class.

"Most individual and institutional investors understand the traditional asset classes. Stocks, bonds, real estate and cash are home to substantial sums of wealth around the globe and have been the backbone of portfolios for generations of investors. But, beyond these asset classes lie several alternative asset classes and strategies. The bulk of these alternative strategies are made up of private equity, infrastructure, and Hedge Funds. Managed Futures are a type of Hedge fund strategy."

"For investors seeking returns beyond traditional assets and strategies, they often look to alternative investments like Managed futures. Simply put the term Managed futures describes a strategy whereby a professional manager assembles a diversified portfolio of futures contracts."

"These professional managers are also known as Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). While a typical money manager or portfolio manager trades in a diversified portfolio of stocks or bonds or a combination of both, CTAs trade primarily futures contracts. Some CTAs manage their clients' assets by employing proprietary trading systems. Some utilize systematic, computer-driven mechanical strategies and others employ discretionary methods. Managed futures programs generally take long or short positions in futures contracts, offered on exchanges worldwide."

"The strategies and approaches within managed futures are extremely varied but the one common, unifying characteristic is that these managers trade highly liquid, regulated, exchange-traded instruments and foreign exchange markets."

-CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

Our goal is simple.

To bring a simplified solution to the managed futures industry - to a more inclusive demographic.

The ultra wealthy have had access to these unique alternatives - seeking diversification, financial sophistication, and providing higher yields in their portfolios. We believe you should too.

With self-directed investments starting at 5k per Advisor, - access to a diversified offering of heavily vetted Institutional CTAs are right at your fingertips.

It's simple - financial freedom & sophistication should be available for everyone - this is the very foundation The Futures Crowd is built on.

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The Futures Crowd.

The Futures Crowd creates a dynamic environment for our Investors to make & track self-directed investments, search through our diverse offering of industry leading CTAs, build upon their financial intelligence with in-depth education modules, and remain up to date on commodity based news & market events.

Dashboard Analytics

Users on the platform will have in-depth and intuitive performance analytics for their ongoing investments - as well as a sophisticated set of tools for tracking potential investments to promote proper due diligence & transparency.

Advisor Selection

TFC provides access to a growing diversified group of CTAs with established track records. All Advisors invited onto the platform have been vetted by our internal team made up of licensed managed futures professionals.

Educational Modules

The Futures Crowd will offer educational modules to build out User's financial intelligence and their understanding of important topics, such as - portfolio construction, due-diligence, risk management, etc. It's just like we've all heard before - knowledge is power.

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